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Dan Webb - Everyday Plastic survey

Ever wondered how much plastic you throw away and where it goes?

Daniel Webb conducted a little experiment… he stored every piece of the plastic waste he generated for a year. After taking 22 bags filled with plastic out of his spare room, he counted, categorised, analysed and photographed every piece. He made a giant mural before co-authoring a seminal report based on rigorous analysis of his collection.

The project received international media coverage including Sky News, Metro, Daily Mail, across the BBC, The Sun The Guardian and more. 

His experiment taught him so much about the plastic problem, he wants other people to have the same experience. Daniel told us: "Understanding exactly what I throw away and where it goes provided me with an  in-depth insight into my personal plastic consumption. By connecting  directly to what I throw away, I have a much better understanding of the wider issue, and most importantly, I’ve made changes in what I buy to reduce how much plastic I use.

Daniel Webb is launching The Everyday Plastic Survey in Spring 2020 – a nationwide campaign that encourages people from all corners of the UK to collect their plastic waste for a week. 

St Andrews has been chosen as one of the first groups in the country to test The Everyday Plastic Survey. As participants, you will be the first group to take part in this project and among the first people in the country to have a true insight into your plastic footprint. 

You can read more about Daniel and what Everyday Plastic is at

It was great to welcome Dan Webb in to school in October 2019 to talk about the new Everyday Plastic Survey ... 14 families signed up to take part in the Survey to collect all the plastic they throw away over 7 days during October half term.  After October half term the students with the help of Dan collated and analysed the plastic so that we could have an accurate picture of the plastic situation here in the UK.  We were delighted to be part of this project ... it is the start of something big!

As participants, students 

  • were able to tell how much of their plastic waste is recycled, how much is food packaging, estimate how much they would throw away in a year and much more.
  • received an easy-to-understand graphic visualisation of their results
  • found it helped them to continue their journey beyond the survey and gave them simple tips for where they could reduce their plastic consumption.
  • have a better understanding of the impact of plastic on the environment by learning what their own individual impact is through taking part in a shared experience.